We all live in the same world, and yet, experience that same world from our own perspective of place and time. Traveler–an American Memoir is my perspective from the year 2008. I was born in Pakistan, reared in England, and made my home in America. These three countries shaped my worldview until the second failure of the banking system and historic election of the first African-American president. The global and personal impact of these events challenged my understanding of capitalism, government, religion, ethnicity, and the social contract. It led me to examine my own identity and question what it meant to be an American.

The internal search for the meaning of life has global themes. The external narratives, however, were locally based. Each nation reenacted a story to support their identity and preserve it for future generations. What were these guiding principles based upon, and were they inclusive of everyone who lived by the law, or exclusive only to a class of people and their story?

In 2008, I worked for a Fortune 500 corporation as a Technical Trainer. I presented seminars in large cities, small towns, and remote locations throughout the United States. As I traveled and learned more about the American story, I looked for my own among three countries, cultures, and continents. And if I couldn’t find meaning–find where I belonged–then I hoped to at least make sense of a chaotic and confusing first decade of the 21st Century.


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